Delivery of Work

We kindly ask you to prepare and deliver projects according to the following guidelines.

  1. Works prepared in programs:
    1. Adobe Illustrator to CS4 version (texts converted into curves)
    2. PDF file in printing quality.
  2. Bitmaps

    Works prepared in CMYK colours or in greyscale (not RGB), saved in format .tif. psd. eps, .jpg and setting to the highest quality that can be opened with Photoshop (.gif bitmaps have law quality and they serve rather as a preview)

  3. Texts and colour scheme

    All texts converted into curves, all objects in CMYK or Pantone colours (not RGB) or grayscale.

  4. Bleeds

    minimum 3mm from the cutting line.

Please include preview of the work in a PDF or JPG file.

Gotowy plik do druku można przesłać:

  1. e-mailem:,
  2. on our FTP server, access data sent by e-mail at the request of the ordering party.
  3. wetransferem
  4. by postal service or freight forwarding company to the following address:

    Wojciech Kacprzak
    ul. XXI wieku 4
    05-509 Piaseczno